Tata Gateway Gurgaon

Tata Housing Presents Gurgaon Gateway at Sector 113 Gurgaon

Tata Gurgaon Gateway is known to be a highly anticipated residential development which is located in the proximity to world-class landmarks of Delhi and lays the red carpet out for the connoisseurs of fine living. The developer has given special attention to detail and ensured to make this community unique instead of being another cluster of complexes. It is an exclusive assortment of well-designed towers in different heights which are well set to define the horizons of the city. Along with the wide range of luxuries, the development ensures the indulgence as the part of life. The interiors are intricately designed to promise the living which is just beyond the ordinary. You will truly live in style in the city of Gurgaon.

This project is well designed by the internationally acclaimed architectonics HBD Singapore which is truly committed to transform the skyline of Gurgaon by giving a unique gradient to each tower at Gurgaon Gateway. Overall, the composition is truly dramatic on the towers that are rising from 6 to 24 stories. In Gurgaon Gateway, you can find significant precedence on the eco-friendly practices which are smart enough to deliver a lush green community. In metropolitan areas, it is rare to find lush green spaces.

With significant efforts in real estate development, the developer has initiated lush green
landscapes with ample water conservation and rainwater harvesting. It has ample green spaces which have been designed well with drought-relieving plants in order to conserve water. Everywhere you visit in Gurgaon Gateway, you will find the luxuries of ample lush greens influenced by Hanging Gardens of Babylon. It features the gated community which is truly abundant with the widest range of recreational zones and wellness and you can get a new meaning with elevated lifestyle.

In the lavish clubhouse, you will experience and reinvent the true meaning of recreation. Whether you wish to relax in heated Jacuzzi, pamper yourself with relaxing massage or sweat out into the gymnasium, you can do everything here. In the indoor pools, you can truly find the ideal place where your whole family can enjoy and unwind and your kids can enjoy it well in a swimming area.