piramal aranya arav byculla mumbai

Piramal Aranya Arav Byculla Mumbai Presented By Piramal Realty


Piramal Aranya Arav Byculla Mumbai – Positioned between 60 acres of serene botanical greens and the glittering Arabian Sea, Piramal Aranya is perched around a canopy of trees where you can discover the new insight to the exceptional lifestyle in the city of Mumbai. The project is spread over 7 acres and stands 62 storeys tall with views of Mumbai Harbor and botanical greens. Arav New Tower Apartment is a significant premium project by Piramal Realty. Located in the heart of Mumbai, Byculla, Piramal Aranya is offering the new perspective on premier lifestyle in the city. Piramal Aranya is flanked by 60 acres of botanical greens on one side and the glittering Mumbai harbour on other. It is known to be located with precision design, distinctive location and refined elegance to ensure that the project is an ideal option to provide the best lifestyle to the discerning few.


Piramal Aranya Arav Byculla Mumbai  – Envision the beautiful way of living in this project. Revel in the postcard-perfect views with the largest patch of lush greens in the city. Piramal Aranya is the only property in this city flanked by the Botanical Garden of 60 acres on one side, and Mumbai Harbor on other. Stretched by 60 acres of botanical greens, the project is perched over the canopy of trees.  It is located only 0.7 km from 60-acre botanical gardens, 1.1 km from Bhau Daji Lad Museum, 1.5 km from Motisha Jain Temple, 1 km from Gloria Church, and 0.8 km from Aga Khan Mausoleum.


Piramal Aranya Arav Byculla Mumbai  – Key Amenities of Convenient Location  –


At Piramal Aranya, be ready to discover exclusive lifestyle at the future-ready location. You are one of the lucky few because you belong to Piramal Aranya you can call home. It is supposed to be a heaven where life is about enjoying moments. In this beautiful apartments, Every units are built strategically to consider the best of architecture both from outside and inside. The apartment is located conveniently at Byculla to offer unmatched location advantages and connectivity from all major landmarks and places of daily utility, including educational institutions, hospitals, departmental sports, 24×7 pharmacy


Piramal Aranya – Arav Tower is more than just an address. It is a prestigious locality and a prime location bound to earn great esteem. It literally became one of the prime addresses to live in. Along with the architecture, it is definitely an address to leave a lasting presence. Consequently, It offers unmatched lifestyles above all. Therefore, The project is beautifully flanked by 60 acres of the glittering Arabian Sea and botanical gardens, perched over the canopy of trees where you can explore the new aspect of world-class living in the city.


Piramal Aranya Byculla Mumbai By the Worl Class Real Estate Developers in India –


Piramal Aranya (Arav New Tower Apartment) in Mumbai  – Spread around 7 acres of verdant greens, the exquisite design, breathtaking views and small attention to detail are some of the best parts of Piramal Aranya. Founded in 2012, Piramal Realty is the real estate arm of Piramal Group. It is known to have simple aspiration and it becomes one of the most admired real estate developers in India. Most Noteworthy, Along with in terms of profits and scale, the aim of the project was to do for the impact on lives. To Find complete prices, location, booking, review, details of Piramal Aranya Arav Byculla Mumbai. Call us to Get guaranteed booking, at 9810047296

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