Welcome to SRK Residency!!

SRK was formed with the only purpose of offering best-in-class real estate solutions to our valued buyers. The company consists of in-house team of young and energetic professionals with good professional and educational background. Over the years, SRK has served several individuals and corporate houses. Earlier, SRK had only limited areas to cover. Currently, we have reached hundreds of Indian cities and we deal in all property needs, including purchase and sale of leasing/renting of commercial and residential properties. Along with helping our customers to own new residential properties from different developers, we also help them to rent properties and sell them in the market.

Whether you are looking for a commercial or residential property, SRK is a one-stop destination to fulfill the diverse needs of our clients. You may visit us, choose the builder, city and your desired unit. We will help you book your desired property. We do our best to help our customers through booking and completing the documents. In the online real estate market, we are like a constant thriving family. If you are fed up with fake listings and annoying on-site visits, we have a unique property search system to have a quick tour on your desired property without physically being there. We have become the trendsetters in real estate market over the years as our company is led by professional team and top-class investors.

Our Vision

At SRK, we have started change for the vest. We are envisioned to help make our world a better place to live. We are on the verge to simplify living for the best so you can focus on the betterment of your future and your loved ones. We are getting to the root of all of our challenges, look out for the solution and deliver the world which is full of innovation, optimism, advancement and transparency.

Our Mission

For SRK, the mission is Optimism and Innovation in every offering. As India is developing at a rapid rate and has become one of the constant thriving economies in
the world, SRK is spearheaded by the passionate and highly qualified professionals.